Sacred Pauses: The Music of the Moment

Reflecting on the power of the Sacred Pause.

Those moments filled with a palpable energy – tension, fear, hope, joy.

Pure Presence.

Music is Magic. Chris and I came to Lexington, KY last night to see one of our favorite musicians, Peter Frampton, on the last show of his RAW tour, an acoustic and storytelling show, at the historic Lexington Opera House.  We value these intimate and stripped down performances so much.  It got me thinking about how present we are for these experiences.  And, the moments we enjoy so much, the sacred pauses.

As I pondered this idea of the sacred pause, here’s what came to mind…

The first few moments between placing the needle on a record and hearing the first notes of the song.

When the lights go down in the theater and the show is about to begin, just before the performers take the stage.

When a tear streams down your face because the beauty of those notes and that voice taps into a part of your heart and soul.

When you hear a song and are immediately transported to another place and time. And it’s amazing, or it’s heartbreaking.

When you’re on the stage, just before the curtain comes up and you hear the applause and roar of the crowd, and you know your friends, your parents are part of the ruckus.

When it’s over and you feel the rush of relief and excitement and the crowd gives you their feedback in the form of applause and getting on their feet.

At the top of the hill, in formation, at attention, just before the percussion section starts the cadence and we begin our march to the field.

When the band finally gets through the whole song without being stopped by the conductor because of a mistake.

When your name gets called and you begin the walk to take your chair to perform your piece at competition.

When you’re at the roller rink, hanging out, and your song comes on, and you scramble to get onto the floor and take your place in the line of skaters who are strutting their stuff around the edge of the rink.

When the slow skate announcement is made and you wonder if you’ll be asked to skate.

When the slow song announcement is made at the dance and you wonder if you’ll be asked to dance.

When your son and his friends, who have worked their entire young lives to be on that stage, at that show and they are announced, and they walk out, and the smiles on their faces fill your heart with so much joy you think you might bust.  And, you don’t even care that it’s 150 degrees and 100% humidity.  Because, it’s that moment.

When you take your kids to see the first American Idol concert and your 12 year old daughter loses her mind.  I mean screaming, going bezerk, over Justin & Kelly.  And you look at the rest of your family and smile and laugh and she keeps losing her mind.

When you take your son to see a legend, a Beatle, and he leans over to you and says, one day I’m going to be on a stage like that with a guy bringing me different guitars for every song, and you swell with joy because you know he’s just created a powerful possibility.  And, you were there to see a Beatle together for the first and last time.

When the runaway smash musical Hamilton inspires a movement and you run up on stage during an event with a community choir to belt out songs from the show. And you don’t even care that most of them are 18 or under.  You sing your heart out.

When you and your lifelong gal pals are at the same show, sharing the same love and joy for the music, and THAT song comes on, and you all look at each other, and express your joy and excitement because it’s THAT song and you cheer and you dance.

When the whole audience sings and the venue is filled with thousands of people, united in harmony, in the moment.

What are the musical sacred pauses of your life? Share in the comments or on Instagram. #SacredPauses